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DUI or Drug DUI Defense

If you are faced with a legal issue involving criminal accusations of DUI or Drug DUI in Idaho, your best course of action is to obtain a free legal consultation from an experienced DUI defense attorney. Contact the experienced Idaho criminal defense attorneys at Koonce Rounds to receive a free lawyer consultation; this is an opportunity for you to discuss your DUI case with a private criminal defense lawyer who can assist in your drunk or drug driving defense.

Idaho DUI/DWI Attorneys

The legal issues involving criminal law and drinking and driving charges frequently involve complex legal procedures and require knowledge of field sobriety tests, rules of evidence, constitutional rights and police procedures. Contact the experienced Idaho DUI/DWI lawyers at Koonce Rounds to schedule a time to discuss the facts and circumstances in your case.

Private Criminal Defense Lawyers

In addition to providing DUI defense services, the criminal defense attorneys at Koonce Rounds, P.C.  also assist in the criminal law practice areas, such as traffic tickets, DWP, assault, battery, theft, drug crimes and weapons charges. If you are facing criminal charges in Idaho, contact our law office for your free consultation.

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