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Idaho Criminal Law Practice Areas

Criminal Law in Idaho

Being charged with a criminal crime is never easy and the law may seem confusing to many at first. All defendants have certain rights and a criminal lawyer needs to be retained immediately after an arrest to ensure those rights are protected.

The defendant is guaranteed the right to legal representation, whether a public defender is appointed for the defendant (based on need) or the defendant hires a private criminal defense attorney. The legal right to a fair and speedy trial and the right to be provided a specific statement of the charges are two other very important rights of a defendant.

There are two types of criminal charges: Misdemeanor and Felony. Misdemeanor cases tend to have less long-term consequences than felonies, but can still result in the possibility of several months in jail and years of probation. A felony on a criminal record can not only last for a lifetime, but if it must be revealed to potential employers it can and will prevent a person from obtaining certain employment in the future. From a DUI or marijuana possession charge to domestic violence or white-collar crime such as bank fraud allegations, an encounter with the criminal legal system can have many negative consequences.

The immediate consequences of being charged with most crimes are being arrested, processed, mug shot taken, and posting bail. DWI and DUI charges result in immediate suspension of driving privileges. Contacting a DUI attorney before making any statements to authorities or the court is important. The DWI lawyer in Canyon County can request a BAC hearing within 7 days to assist with the driver's license suspension, it is very important that an attorney be hired before this 7-day period expires.

The outcome of a criminal case varies greatly depending on each case and the severity of the charges. Simply a person being charged with a crime doesn't make that person guilty. A proper defense must be provided for that defendant and the prosecution has a duty to provide the court with true, convincing evidence. If you, a friend, or a loved one has been charged or investigated for one of the following crimes in Canyon County, contact an experienced attorney for a consultation.


Experienced Idaho Criminal Lawyers

Get the legal assistance you need. Koonce Rounds, P.C. provides clients with criminal defense services. We are able to meet the needs of clients who are in need of any type of criminal defense attorney including traffic lawyers, misdemeanor lawyers, felony lawyers, and criminal appeal attorneys. Our office is able to serve clients with a variety of specific criminal law issues, including clients who are in need of assault lawyers, domestic violence lawyers, dui-dwi lawyers, drug crimes attorneys, weapons charges attorneys, and theft attorneys; among the many specialties within criminal defense and juvenile defense.

Free Attorney Consultation in All Criminal Cases

If you are facing criminal charges or allegations, call to schedule a free no obligation consultation with one of the private criminal defense lawyers at Koonce Rounds, P.C. There is no charge or obligation when you meet with one of the criminal lawyers at our firm to review your case.


Criminal Law Practice Areas

  • Accused of abuse

  • Assault Lawyer

  • Auto-Dealer Fraud

  • Bank Fraud

  • Child Abuse and Neglect

  • Criminal Appeals

  • Criminal Defense

  • Criminal Drug Lawyers

  • Disability Fraud

  • Domestic Violence Defense

  • Drivers License Suspension

  • Driving Without Privileges (DWP)

  • Drug Crimes Attorney

  • Drunk Driving Lawyer

  • DUI Lawyer

  • DWI Lawyer

  • Federal Criminal Defense

  • Felony Lawyer

  • Forgery Defense

  • Fraud Defense

  • Homicide Attorney

  • Identity Fraud

  • Insurance Fraud

  • Internet Fraud

  • Juvenile Defense

  • Methamphetamine Crimes

  • Military Criminal Attorney

  • Misdemeanor Lawyer

  • Mortgage Fraud

  • Motion to Set Aside

  • Murder Defense

  • Odometer Fraud

  • Parole & Probation Attorney

  • Police Seizures

  • Post Conviction Relief

  • Restraining Order Attorney

  • Stock Fraud

  • Tax Fraud Law

  • Theft Attorney

  • Traffic Court

  • Traffic Ticket Lawyer

  • Traffic Violations Attorney

  • Weapons Charges Attorney

  • Welfare Fraud Defense

  • White Collar Crime Lawyer

  • Wrongful Conviction

  • Sex-Crime-Lawyer

  • Rape Defense

  • Sex Crime Lawyer

  • Sexting Attorney

  • Sexual Abuse Lawyer

  • Sexual Assault Lawyer

  • Sex Offender Lawyer

  • Statutory Rape Defense


Drug Crimes 

  • Possession of Marijuana

  • Possession of a Controlled Substance

  • Possession of a Controlled Substance With Intent to Deliver/Manufacture

  • Delivery of a Controlled Substance

  • Manufacturing a Controlled Substance

  • Trafficking in Marijuana

  • Trafficking in Cocaine

  • Trafficking in Methamphetamine and/or Amphetamine by Manufacturing

  • Trafficking in Methamphetamine and/or Amphetamine

  • Trafficking in Heroin

  • Controlled Substance – Children Present

  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

  • Delivery/Manufacture Drug Paraphernalia

  • Being Present Where There Are Controlled Substances

  • Obtaining Controlled Substance by Fraud

  • Possession of a Counterfeit Substance With Intent to Deliver

  • Creating a Counterfeit Substance

  • Delivery of a Counterfeit Substance

  • Possession of a Simulated Controlled Substance

  • Possession of a Simulated Controlled Substance With Intent to Deliver

  • Distribution of a Simulated Controlled Substance

  • Manufacturing a Simulated Controlled Substance

  • Possession of an Inhalant


Theft & Related Crimes 

  • Robbery

  • Burglary

  • Possession of Burglarious Instruments

  • Tampering With A Vehicle

  • Unlawful Entry

  • Defacing Serial Numbers

  • Disposing of Property With Defaced Serial Numbers

  • Grand Theft

  • Petit Theft

  • Theft by Deception

  • Theft by False Promise

  • Theft by Extortion

  • Theft by Possession of Stolen Property

  • Theft of Lost Property

  • Theft by Failure to Restore Lost Property

  • Theft by Temporary Use of Property or Services

  • Theft by Unauthorized Control or Transfers

  • Theft by Failing to Return Rental Vehicle

  • Theft by Diversion of Services

  • Theft in Installments

  • Driving a Vehicle Without the Owner’s Consent


Inmate Crimes & Failure to Appear 

  • Escape

  • Escape By Force or With Weapon

  • Inmate Possession of a Controlled Substance

  • Inmate Possession/Manufacture/Delivery of Dangerous Weapon

  • Failure to Appear


Homicide & Manslaughter Crimes

  • First Degree Murder

  • Second Degree Murder

  • Voluntary Manslaughter

  • Vehicular Manslaughter

  • Involuntary Manslaughter


Financial & Computer Crimes

  • No Funds Check

  • Insufficient Funds Check

  • Forgery

  • Forgery of a Financial Transaction Card

  • Fraudulent Use of a Financial Transaction Card

  • Criminal Possession of a Financial Transaction Card or Financial Account Number

  • Computer Crime


Sex Crimes

  • Rape

  • Forcible Penetration by Foreign Object

  • Sexual Abuse of Child

  • Sexual Exploitation of Child

  • Possession of Sexually Exploitative Material

  • Sexual Battery of a Child

  • Lewd and Lascivious Conduct

  • Prostitution

  • Patronizing a Prostitute

  • Interstate Trafficking in Prostitution

  • Procurement

  • Receiving Pay for Procurement

  • Paying for Procurement

  • Accepting Earnings of a Prostitute

  • Maintaining (Harboring) a House of Prostitution

  • Inducing a Minor Into Prostitution

  • Admitting a Minor into the House of Prostitution

  • Human Trafficking

  • Assault with Intent to Commit Rape

  • Assault with Intent to Commit Infamous Crime Against Nature

  • Assault with Intent to Commit Lewd Conduct

  • Battery with Intent to Commit Rape

  • Battery with Intent to Commit Infamous Crime Against Nature

  • Battery with Intent to Commit Lewd Conduct

  • Exposing Another to the HIV Virus

  • Sexual Contact With Prisoner

  • Sexual Contact With a Parolee or Probationer

  • Failing to Register as a Sex Offender

  • Failing to Register Annually as a Sex Offender

  • Giving False Information While Registering as a Sex Offender

  • Sexual Abuse of a Vulnerable Adult

  • Sexual Exploitation of a Vulnerable Adult


Traffic Crimes & Motor Vehicle Offenses 

  • Driving While Under the Influence

  • Aggravated DUI

  • Driving Without Privileges

  • Reckless Driving

  • Inattentive Driving

  • Eluding a Peace Officer

  • Leaving Scene of Injury Accident

  • Leaving Scene of Accident

  • Passing School Bus

  • Fictitious Display


Crimes Against Persons

  • Assault

  • Battery

  • Aggravated Assault

  • Aggravated Battery

  • Assault with Intent to Commit a Serious Felony

  • Battery with Intent to Commit a Serious Felony

  • Assault Upon Certain Personnel

  • Battery Upon Certain Personnel

  • Aggravated Assault Upon Certain Personnel

  • Aggravated Battery Upon Certain Personnel

  • Assault With Intent to Commit a Serious Felony Upon Certain Personnel

  • Battery With Intent to Commit a Serious Felony Upon Certain Personnel

  • Assault Because of an Official’s Exercise of Duties or Status

  • Battery Because of an Official’s Exercise of Duties or Status

  • Battery On a Present or Former Peace Officer

  • Felonious Administering of Drugs

  • Attempted Strangulation

  • Hazing

  • Mayhem

  • Cannibalism

  • Kidnapping

  • First Degree Kidnapping

  • Second Degree Kidnapping

  • False Imprisonment

  • Child Custody Interference

  • Injury to a Child

  • Desertion of a Child

  • Nonsupport of a Child

  • Ritualized Abuse of a Child

  • Dispensing of Alcohol to Minor

  • Procuring Beer for Minor

  • Illegal Consumption/Possession by a Minor

  • Illegal Possession of Tobacco by a Minor

  • Selling or Distributing Tobacco Products to a Minor

  • Resisting/Delaying/Obstructing an Officer

  • Obstructing an Officer by False Report

  • Intimidating a Witness

  • Inhumane Treatment of Prisoner

  • Poisoning

  • Riot

  • Stalking in the First Degree

  • Stalking in the Second Degree

  • Domestic Assault

  • Domestic Battery

  • Domestic Assault In the Presence of a Child

  • Violation of Civil Protection Order

  • Violation of No Contact Order

  • Using Telephone to Harass

  • Disturbing the Peace

  • Abuse or Neglect of a Vulnerable Adult

  • Exploitation of a Vulnerable Adult


Property Crimes

  • Malicious Injury to Property

  • Arson in the First Degree

  • Arson in the Second Degree

  • Arson in the Third Degree

  • Aggravated Arson

  • Trespassing


Firearm Crimes & Conspiracy

  • Possession of a Firearm by a Felon

  • Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm

  • Carrying a Concealed Weapon on School Property

  • Threatening Violence on School Grounds

  • Carrying a Concealed Weapon

  • Conspiracy

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